COVID-19 safety


The health and safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance to us. We take the threat COVID-19 presents seriously and have taken all possible safety measures to ensure you can attend a class with us safely including all COVID-19 related guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In fact, we were recently visited by the Orange County COVID-19 strike team and received their seal of approval. Here are just some of the measures we have taken to ensure your safety while at our real estate school:

COVID-19 precautionary measures - hand sanitizer stations


We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the campus.

COVID-19 precautionary measures - surfaces sanitized


All surfaces are sanitized through the day and every evening.

Reduced classroom size for COVID-19 safety precautions


Our class sizes have been reduced to 75% capacity.

COVID-19 social distancing


Please maintain appropriate physical distance with others while on campus.

COVID-19 precautionary measures - mandatory masks


We request that those who have not been vaccinated wear a face covering.


If you or your family need any assistance relating to the impacts of COVID-19, please know that there are resources in our community that are there to help you. If you need assistance connecting with those resources, please contact us at 321.333.5222 today so that we can put you in touch with available resources. We are all in this together!