Learn the techniques & strategies that helped one agent

Earn $100k in his First 90-days as an Agent!

About the Workshop

Inspired by the story behind the movie Moneyball, Digital Farming tells the story of how a brand-new real estate agent decided to think differently about how the real estate marketing game is played. That agent was Kevin Johnson. Kevin tossed conventional logic aside and wrote a new digital marketing playbook, executed it and it worked. In his first 90-days, he earned over $100,000 in commissions and went on to sell over 100-homes in his first two years as a real estate agent.

In this 2-hour workshop, offered exclusively at OneBlue Real Estate School, you’ll learn the techniques and strategies that Kevin used to jump-start his real estate career. You’ll walk away with a playbook on what to do, step-by-step, to get your started on the road to success.

Digital Farming for Florida Real Estate Agents

How to Stay Compliant

As real estate professionals, we are subject to many laws and rules from various governmental agencies and organizations. There are many federal and state laws, administrative rules, and the code of ethics that impact how we market our businesses. Failure to follow these laws and rules could cost you a substantial amount of money in fines and in some cases, your real estate license and your freedom. We’ll go ver the basics of what you need to know to stay compliant! 

The 4 C's of Success

For too long real estate agents and brokers have had it easy. Buyers and sellers connected with agents much closer to the point in which they were ready to buy or sell. The reality is that today’s consumer is starting the research phase much earlier than every before, thanks to the internet. Now, agents must be really good at long term cultivation of leads in order to be successful in this business.

The Right Content

We are taught in our pre-license classes that as real estate agents we are in the business of selling our expertise. We don’t sell houses, we don’t rent houses, we sell our expertise. So how do we demonstrate our expertise to people who we have never met? That’s simple, through strategic content creation and sharing. In Changing the Game: Digital Farming, we will teach you the right content you need to create and share on your social media challenges to demonstrate that you are the expert. By demonstrating your expertise, you’ll be able to command more value for your services and never have to discount your commission again!

Florida Real Estate License Course Founder Kevin Johnson

Meet Kevin...

When Kevin got started in real estate in 2014, he knew that if he was to stand out from the crowd he would need to think differently. He studied how most agents build their business and realized there had to be a better way. Despite never holding an open house, or mailing a post card, or knocking on a single door, or doing anything you are “supposed” to do when building a real estate business, Kevin achieved unbelievable success! Kevin earned over $100k in commissions in his first 90-days and closed over 100-deals in his first 2-years in the business. 

Now a licensed real estate broker and instructor, Kevin has taken all of the techniques and strategies that helped him achieve his success and has put them into Changing the Game: Digital Farming for Real Estate Agents. 

What's Included

The cost of the workshop is $49 for our non-CE edition and $99 for our CE edition which is good for three continuing education credits. Included in the cost of the workshop is:

  • 2-hour interactive workshop
  • Digital Presence Audit Worksheet
  • 50 Content Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

What agents are saying...

By far one of the best classes I have taken since I started Real Estate! Thank you to the amazing team at OneBlue Real Estate School.
KeAusha Jordan
Keller Williams
Digital Farming was nothing short of fantastic! I have been looking for a system for social media marketing and today I found it at OneBlue Real Estate School!
Paul Andrews
Digital Farming changed my life! The class was phenomenal and you can't place a price on what I learned. It is going to help me take my business to the next level!
Robert Gordon

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