Changing the Game: Digital Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents: tells the story of how a brand-new real estate agent decided to challenge the conventional wisdom of generating leads in real estate. That agent was Kevin Johnson, founder and CEO of OneBlue Real Estate School and CENTURY 21 OneBlue in Orlando and Tampa, Florida.

When Kevin got started in real estate in 2014, as many of you, he was trained to knock on doors, cold call expired listings and FSBOs, work floortime, and yes, direct mail a farm area. While those methods do work, the return on investment is low and the pathway to achieving success is a long, hard grind. Kevin knew there had to be a better way. 

Inspired by the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, Kevin decided to throw out the traditional playbook and think differently about how to play the game of real estate lead generation.  Leveraging social media, a website, and a marketing budget of only $500/month Kevin was able to close over $107,000 in commissions in his first 90-days as an agent. Since then, Kevin has continued to apply these same strategies first as a real estate agent and now as a broker, trainer, and coach with much success. Kevin’s lead generation strategies taught in this course continue to generate over 5,000-leads a year with a conversion rate of nearly 5%!

Now, Kevin is inviting you to step into his war room and learn, step-by-step, exactly what he did to achieve his success in real estate. When you are done with the course, you’ll have everything you need to take your real estate business to the next level!


If you’re ready to learn how to develop and execute a high-converting lead generation strategy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down this course into four modules to help you achieve success!

In this module we discuss why it is important for real estate agents to challenge conventional wisdom when it comes to marketing their business. The more traditional ways of generating leads (door knocking, cold calling, floor time, and direct mail) do work, however, there is a better way. We’ll dive into the data from NAR to see exactly what today’s buyers and sellers want from you.

No one likes getting in trouble by inadvertently violating Federal and state laws, state administrative rules, or the code of ethics. We’ll quickly cover the dos and don’ts of digital marketing to ensure you know how to make sure your marketing is compliant while still allowing you to achieve your goals.

In module three cover the major social media platforms that real estate agents needs to leverage to be successful. Every platform has different algorithms, demographics, optimal posting times as well as differing content to be successful. Whether you’re an agent that focuses on urban areas, suburban areas, or rural areas, we’ll arm you with the data to help you drive engagement and connect with your audience.  We’ll also cover the importance of a website and the key features every real estate agent website needs to have based on what today’s consumer says the want to see.

In module four we bring it all together. We’ll show you ow to leverage everything we’ve covered in the first three modules to develop a lead conversion strategy that will help you generate high quality leads for buyers and sellers, execute the plan, and then measure your success and opportunities to optimize your marketing strategy and continue to grow!



You get unlimited access to our on-demand, self-paced course taught by Kevin Johnson himself. The course is accessible from any device so that you can take the course at your convenience from anywhere!

Strategy Planner

The first step in changing the game in your lead generation is to have an actionable plan with specific measurable goals. Our strategy planner will help you put what you learn in this course into action.


Our media cheat sheet is a quick reference guide to help you ensure you are using the right sized images and videos for each platform as well as for each application within the platform.