Getting Started with a

Career in Real Estate

So you want to get a real estate license?

Getting a real estate license is an exciting process, though for many people it can seem a bit overwhelming.  Here at OneBlue, our goal is to help make the process as easy as 1-2-3! In fact, it really is just that easy. This page has a lot of great information including the steps you need to follow to get your license. 

We also have career counselors available Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm and from 9am until 5pm on Saturdays. Our career counselors can help answer any questions you have about applying for your license, the class, the exam, or just what it is like to be a real estate agent. You can reach them by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen or by giving us a call at 321-333-5222. 

3 steps to getting your real estate license

Step 1:

Take the Pre-License Class

The state of Florida requires that you complete 63-hours of commission prescribed pre-license education. We offer this class in several different formats including nights, weekdays, and weekends!

Step 2:

Pass the State Exam

Once you’ve pass the 63-hour pre-license course and successfully passed the background check, you’re ready for the state exam. Study hard though, only 48% pass the test on the 1st try. 

Step 3:

Start Your New Career

Congratulations, you’ve pass the state exam! You’re ready to start your new career as a licensed real estate agent! 


Minimum Qualifications

Before starting on your journey to success as a real estate agent, it is important that you meet the minimum qualifications to be approved for your real estate license. Here are the current requirements:

  • Must be 18-years of age or older.
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • Possess a valid social security number.
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Submit license application on
  • Complete a 63-hour pre-license education class
  • Register for and pass the state real estate exam



Save $314 when you bundle our pre-license, exam prep, and post-license classes!

If you purchased our pre-license, exam prep, and post-license classes separately, it would cost you $813. Our Ultimate Bundle is only $499 which saves you $314! Our Ultimate Bundle includes the following courses along with the course text books and all study material:

The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requires all individuals who wish to obtain a real estate license complete 63-hours of pre-license education (including the end of course exam) prior to taking the state exam.

Our 63-hour pre-license course is FREC approved and includes the class text book, study aides exclusive to OneBlue, the end of course exam and more!

Our 2-day state exam boot camp is the best way to prepare for the state exam. We are so confident in our ability to prepare you for the state exam that we offer unlimited retakes for up to one year! That means if you don’t pass your state exam, simply register for the next exam prep class at no charge!

Our State Exam Prep Class is included with the Ultimate Bundle and includes the State Exam Manual that features key study points, over 700-practice questions, two practice state exams, and over 500-flash cards!

After you pass the state exam, the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requires all licensees to complete the 45-hour Post License Course. With our Ultimate Bundle, this course is INCLUDED! Upon passing the 63-hour class exam you’ll be provided a voucher to take the post-license class which is valid for up to two-years! 


Register for any upcoming 63-hour pre-license class and use the promo code BUNDLE at checkout. This will replace the normal price with $499. Upon completion of the pre-license class you’ll be provided a voucher for the exam prep and post-license class. If you have any questions, please call us at 321.333.5222. 


Whether you’d more comfortable in a classroom environment or online, we have an option for you. Our classroom course is by far our most popular option as you get unrestricted access to our award-winning team of real estate instructors along with a lot of additional benefits!




Take the state required pre-license education course for only $339 including everything listed below. If you’re looking for our best value, check out the Ultimate Bundle!

  • 63-hour Pre-License Course
  • Exclusive Study Materials
  • Unlimited One-on-One Tutoring Before the Class Exam
  • Class Textbook Included



Save over $300 when you bundle our pre-license, exam prep and post license courses! Pick any pre-license class date and use the promo code below to take advantage of this deal.

  • 63-hour Pre-License Class ($339 value)
  • State Exam Boot Camp ($199 value)
  • 45-hour Post-License Class ($275 value)
  • Exclusive Study Materials
  • Unlimited One-on-One Tutoring Before the Class Exam
  • 3 Class Textbooks Included

Choose the Ultimate Bundle option at checkout!




Monday through Sunday

Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 6:00pm



Monday through Friday

Start Time: 8:30am
End Time: 3:30pm



Monday through Thursday

Start Time: 6:00pm
End Time: 10:00pm



Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Start Time: 6:00pm
End Time: 10:00pm

Online Packages



  • Online, Self-Paced Class Only



  • Online, Self-Paced Class
  • State Exam Practice Question Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most commonly asked questions regarding our 63-hour pre-license classroom course. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 321-333-5222 or email

Our main offices are located near the intersection of S. Orange Ave and Hoffner Ave, just south of downtown Orlando, in the Edgewood Isle Shopping Center. Our address is 5671 S Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809. Our telephone number is 321-333-5222.

This is probably the most common question we get asked and the simple answer is we have no way to know and even if we did know, we wouldn’t be able to share it. First, the State of Florida does not track what school you attended for your pre-license class, therefore, they do not have any data to share on a school-by-school basis. Further, individual test results are confidential and only the student and the state know if you passed or failed the exam. 

Secondly, the Florida Real Estate Commission, the governing body over the real estate industry in Florida, prohibits real estate schools from even sharing what our class pass rate due to the perception that it would be an indicator (or guarantee) of your success. 

What we can say is that our students seem to love attending classes here at OneBlue! We offer a wide variety of classes you can take after you get your license and on average our pre-license students take 3-courses with us! 

Our classroom course comes with everything you’ll need including the course textbook, highlighter, pen and pencil, and exclusive study aids found only at OneBlue Real Estate School. 

Absolutely! Unlike our competitors we welcome any technology in the classroom that will help you learn. With that said, we do have some guidelines that we ask all students to follow including ensuring that the use of the device is not a distraction to the students around you. Also, we can not guarantee a plug will be near your seat in the classroom so we kindly request that you bring your device(s) full charged.

We believe in putting our student’s learning experience ahead of profits and it is proven that adults learn better in smaller classes. For that reason, our largest licensure class is 24-students.

Yes, we do offer our 63-hour pre-license class online for those that prefer a self-paced learning format. However, we strongly discourage the online course and the material is complex and there is no instructor support online. By taking the classroom course, you get the tremendous advantage of being able to talk with our instructors, ask questions, and if needed get one-on-one assistance.

Pre-License, Post-License, and CE Instructor-led Classroom Courses: Class registrations become non-refundable 14-days prior to the start of the class. Any registrations made within 14-days of the start of a class are deemed non-refundable. Students canceling within the 14-day period prior to the class start will receive a credit, minus a $50 admin fee, which is good for one year for any instructor-led class at OneBlue Real Estate School. Students may transfer up until the day before a class start date to a different class date for $50 per transfer payable at the time of transfer. Once a registration is transferred, the registration becomes non-refundable. Cancellations requested after registration but no less than 15-days prior to the start of the class may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Online Courses and Study Material: Once a student purchases an online course, no refunds or credits will be given. Online courses and practice exams expire one year from date of purchase. Students who register for the online course are not eligible to review classroom-based courses. No transfers between online courses and classroom courses are permitted under any circumstances.

Instructor-led Cram Courses: All cram course sales are final. OneBlue Real Estate School does not charge a cancellation fee if you need to cancel or reschedule prior to the start of class. Instructor-led cram courses include the Florida Real Estate Exam Manual and unlimited retakes of the course for up to one-year. Students only receive the exam manual during their first session and will not receive it during future retakes.

Bookstore items: No returns or refunds on bookstore purchases including books, videos, cd’s, DVD’s, calculators, flashcards, etc. All sales are final. If an item is defective we will gladly exchange it for a new one of the same version within ten (14) days of purchase date.

Instructor-led Course Dates

Below are our upcoming instructor-led classes. You can filter them by month, the format (weeknights, weekends, etc) of the class, as well as the location of the class. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 321-333-5222.