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OneBlue Real Estate School

The OneBlue Mission

As a Florida real estate school, our mission at OneBlue Real Estate School is to be the real estate industry leader in delivering real estate education with purpose. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our services, we strive to deliver world-class experiences for our students and team members while delivering on our commitment to give back to our community in everything we do.


Let’s face it, you have several real estate schools to choose from here in Central Florida, Tampa, and online. So why should you chose OneBlue Real Estate School over the others? While we aren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive option you have, we do believe we are the best real estate school and this is why we believe this:


All of our instructors are required to hold an active and current broker's license as well as be currently practicing real estate. This is important since holding a real estate license isn't a requirement to be an instructor in Florida.


The Florida Real Estate Commission prohibits schools from releasing passing rates so we can't share our incredible results. However, we can say that on average our students come back and take 3 additional classes with us. They must like us!


Even before COVID, we had small classes because putting your success first is more important to us than cramming students into a room to maximize revenue. You'll be able to ask any question you could possible think of and actually LEARN the content!


You're not going to find any boring lectures or instructors reading from a textbook at OneBlue and our classes are not a spectator event. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, have fun, get engaged, and learn how to be the best real estate agent ever!


We've developed exclusive study aides to help you pass the state exam including practice quizzes by chapter, crosswords and word search puzzles for vocabulary, math video tutorials, and more! No matter your learning style, we have you covered!


We are so confident in our ability to help you pass the class exam that if fail the end of the course exam, and you attended every class, you can retake the class at no charge. Your success is our passion and we stand behind our commitment to you.


At OneBlue Real Estate School, all of our instructors are actively practicing licensed real estate brokers, the only real estate school in Central Florida that meets this high standard. It is our pleasure to introduce to you our leadership team at OneBlue Real Estate School.

OneBlue Real Estate School CEO Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

CEO + Founder
Licensed Real Estate Instructor
Licensed Real Estate Broker

OneBlue Real Estate School COO John Carpenter

John Carpenter

Chief Operating Officer
Licensed Real Estate Instructor
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Ed Hru - Licensed Real Estate Broker and Instructor


Senior Instructor, Pre-Licensing

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Instructor

Chad Creech - President CENTURY 21 Edge Commercial and Development Services


Senior Instructor, Commercial

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Instructor