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Anyone wishing to start a real estate career in Florida must begin their journey as a licensed sales associate. Before sitting for the state exam, you’ll need to complete and pass the state-mandated 63-hour sales pre-license course. Once you’ve passed your state exam, the state requires you to complete the 45-hour post license course in order to be able to keep your license. 

63-hour Sales Pre-License Course

45-hour Sales Post-License Course

2-day Florida State Exam Boot Camp

On-Demand Exam Prep Course


Do you want to upgrade your sales associate license to a broker license? In order to qualify for a broker license you need to have held an active sales associate license for at least 24-months in the proceeding 5-year period or hold an equivalent broker license in a mutual recognition state. The following real estate classes are for those wishing to obtain a Florida broker’s license.

72-hour Broker Pre-License Course

60-hour Broker Post-License Course

2-day Florida State Exam Boot Camp

On-Demand Exam Prep Course


Advocating For Short Sale Clients

Master the intricacies of short sale transactions with our course, where you’ll learn to navigate lender approvals, negotiate with stakeholders, and advocate for sellers and buyers through specialized tactics and fraud prevention strategies.​

Assistance Animals & Fair Housing

Learn how to navigate the complexities of accommodating emotional support animals in housing with our course, designed for landlords and property managers to comply with fair housing laws.​

Florida Continuing Education Course on Breaking Barriers in Fair Housing

Breaking Barriers: Fair Housing

Stay updated on fair housing compliance with our Breaking Barriers course. Explore the history of fair housing law, its evolution, recent case studies, regulatory changes, and the impact on advertising and tenant screening.

Florida Core Law Continuing Education

Core Law (Florida)

Our Florida Core Law course satisfies the FREC three-hour requirement with updates on the latest state and federal regulations and FREC’s current rules for real estate practice.​

Florida Continuing Education Course - Digital Lead Generation

Digital Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Learn the techniques one agent used to earn over $100k in his first 90-days as an agent and close over 50 properties in his first year.

Florida Continuing Education Course on Ethics at Work

Ethics At Work

Elevate your professional integrity and public trust in real estate with our NAR Cycle 7 compliant course, designed to teach you how to handle ethical dilemmas and promote ethical behavior.

Florida Continuing Education Course on Marketing, Advertising, And Social Media Compliance

Marketing, Advertising, And Social Media Compliance

Harness social media for real estate: Strategies to amplify your brand, engage clients, and navigate legalities. Learn platform-specific tactics and avoid common pitfalls for impactful online marketing.

Florida Continuing Education Course on Property Inspection Issues

Property Inspection Issues

Master the essentials of property inspections: navigate hurdles, negotiate repairs, and ensure disclosures. Learn through interactive scenarios to protect your clients and close deals confidently.

Florida Continuing Education Course on Working With Real Estate Investors Understanding Investor Strategies

Working With Real Estate Investors: Understanding Investor Strategies

Dive into real estate investing: strategies, financial insights, and ethical considerations. Gain expertise in guiding investors through practical activities and scenarios, enhancing your service and success.


We understand that going through the process of obtaining your Florida real estate license can be somewhat stressful and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the more useful links on the DBPR’s MyFloridaLicense.com website to help get you to the right to the information you need as quickly as possible.  

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