7 Ways to Get More Listings

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 80% of new real estate agents will fail and leave the business during their first year in business. In the 121% Podcast, we will show you how to leverage motivation, education, and action to defy mediocrity and beat the odds in real estate. Our podcast panel regulars featured the senior leadership team of the award-winning CENTURY 21 OneBlue and OneBlue Real Estate School including CEO Kevin Johnson, Chief Success Officer Gavin Hatcher, and Digital Media and Marketing Director Daniel Rodriguez. We also welcome industry leaders and trendsetters to join the conversation as we help you take your business to 121%.

In our season 2 premier of the 121% Podcast Kevin is joined by Debrah Hailey! Debrah and Kevin discuss seven ways real estate agents can get more listings in this hyper-competitive seller’s market where inventory is scarce. As a new real estate agent getting listings can be a challenge. You are bombarded with new information, trying to settle into your new career, and are searching for ideas to generate more leads. Gettting listings takes work, even as an experienced real estate agent but if you incorporate some of the tips below you’ll have your name on signs in your community before you know it.



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