Let’s be real, the Florida real estate state exam is hard and it should be. As real estate professionals we help consumers navigate the largest financial transaction of their life. Buying lucky t-shirts, putting magnets in your shoes, or bribing the testing center employees with chocolate won’t help you pass. Only being prepared will help you do that. That is why we have created this page to help our students, as well as students from other schools, get prepared for the state exam. We want to make sure you are not part of the 52% that don’t pass the exam on the first try.

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In 2018, only 40% of the sales associate exams administered received a passing score on the Florida real estate exam, a decrease from 41% in 2017.

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The passing percentage for the broker Florida real estate exam was slightly better at 52% for 2018, an increase from 51% in 2017. 


Are you getting frustrated with the Florida real estate exam math? We’ve got you covered. We’ve developed several Florida real estate exam math tutorial videos to help guide you through the various problems you may encounter on the Florida real estate exam. Be sure to check back often in the future as we are adding new videos all the time.

Practice Quizzes

At OneBlue Real Estate School, we believe it important to help you prepare for the Florida real estate exam by isolating the areas you are struggling with and helping you drill down in those areas. We’ve broken down the quizzes to match the units in Real Estate Principles, Practice, and Law (42nd Edition) and Florida Real Estate Broker’s Guide (6th Edition). A couple quick notes before you begin:

  • The quizzes are best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Choose the best possible answer.
  • Click on each title to expand the section and take the quiz.
  • Sales Associate: Unit 04
  • Broker: Unit 10
  • Exam Percentage: 7%
This section pertains to the general laws of agency, duties and obligations to principals and customers, and the various types of brokerage relationships practiced in Florida.
  • Sales Associate: Unit 05
  • Broker: Unit 04
  • Exam Percentage: 12%

This section contains the day-to-day operations of a brokerage along with all applicable statutory and rule requirements regarding the operation of the brokerage.

  • Sales Associate: Unit 08
  • Broker: Units 11, 12, 18
  • Exam Percentage: 8%

This section covers the physical components of real property, the various types of estates and the rights associated with each, condos, coops, and timesharing.

  • Sales Associate: Unit 11
  • Broker: Units 11
  • Exam Percentage: 12%

This section covers the various types of contracts that real estate professionals can assist customers in completing along with all the various terms that are included.

  • Sales Associate: Unit 12
  • Broker: Unit 12
  • Exam Percentage: 9%

This section covers the basis of residential mortgages as well as the types of financing.

Downloadable Study Aids

Important Dates Guide

The Florida real estate exam is filled with a lot of dates and deadlines that you need to remember. We've compiled them all into one convenient document to help you study them.

Florida real estate exam important dates study guide icon

Mortgage Amortization Tool

One of the common questions on the Florida real estate exam asks you to find the 2nd month's principal payment for a mortgage. This study aid will help you master this task.


Still need help preparing for the state exam? Check out our 2-day state exam boot camp that is held at our Orlando campus. 


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