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At OneBlue Real Estate School we simply refuse to put huge profits ahead of delivering an exceptional experience for each and every student. This is the foundation for our philosophy of having small, interactive classes where every student’s question can be answered. Our students aren’t just a number to us and their success is our passion. Below you’ll find a few of our students sharing their experience at OneBlue Real Estate School and why they think we are the best real estate school in Orlando, Ft. Myers, and Florida!



I recently took the 63 hour Pre license course at OneBlue Real Estate School. Signing up for the class was a breeze, they have all the information you need on their website. The instructor is very knowledgeable and he wants you to succeed, if you have any questions or need help he’ll be more than happy to assist you. The facilities are modern and clean, the whole office is very organized. Personally, I enjoyed the course and was excited to go back every day to learn more. I definitely recommend OneBlue Real Estate School to anyone that is looking for any real estate course (as they offer many different ones).
Being a previous student at OneBlue Real Estate School I can say without a doubt in my mind that this is the place to be! Kevin was able to connect with the whole class on a personal level making every second worth it. When things seemed nearly impossible he would make it imperative that we reviewed it until it wasn’t any longer impossible. As the entire class bonded over the month we formed new relationships, set goals, and achieved what we thought was the impossible. Kevin wasn’t just an instructor he was a leader and I look forward to sitting in on his exam prep and post licensing classes coming up.
I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Great instructor who makes sure you learn to your max. Staff very professional and the classroom environment was great.
I went to OneBlue Real Estate School and I loved it. Never before have I met such a great group of dedicated people. The faculty were loving and careering about us. Each student is treated as an unique individual and the learning experience is adapted to their capabilities and needs. I also had a high test grades due to the fact that the teacher encouraged us to study while in class and at home. I feel truly blessed that I attended Orlando Real Estate Institute. Keep doing what you are doing!
The OneBlue Real Estate School is absolutely amazing! The instructor was very thorough and knowledgeable. I’m very happy that I found this school for my pre-licensure course! You won’t regret enrolling!
OneBlue Real Estate School is a great place for anyone looking into getting in the real estate business. The instructors are very helpful and friendly. When it comes down to understanding the fundamentals of real estate and looking to connect with a network of well experienced real estate professionals, I personally recommend Kevin and his team. They have the knowledge and experience to assist anyone whether novice or experienced veteran in the industry looking to take the next step in their professional career. It was truly an honor attending the classes and networking with all the great people there. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
The OneBlue Real Estate School was one of the best investments I have ever put my money towards. The classes were small which I really liked because you got to know everyone on a personal level including the instructor. I also really enjoyed the pace that we worked at. OneBlue Real Estate School is a very welcoming and engaging environment and I totally recommend anyone who is looking to get into the business to make the first steps here.
I have taken this course before and this was, by far, the best experience I could have imagined. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and made the, at times, mundane information fun and interesting. If your are serious about getting a real estate license, look no further than OneBlue Real Estate School!
This was actually my first time taking a refresher course and I am glad I chose OneBlue Real Estate School. They have the sources, congeniality, and of course great work ethic that I would support. I actually am considering having this company in my future whether being a part of their team or doing business with them. They will definitely be on my mind. Thanks to Kevin and his awesome team.
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