The Three Lead Source Buckets

Real estate is a business built upon connections with people. Whether that be your friends and family, coworkers from previous jobs, referrals, or good old fashioned prospecting, each sale comes from a connection with a person. There are three main buckets, or sources, that your business can come from: sphere, prospecting, and internet.


An agent’s sphere of influence is one of the most valuable sources of business for any real estate professional and this is true whether you’ve called Central Florida home for your entire life or you’ve just moved here. Your sphere includes friends and family as well people you interact with on a regular basis. It is critical to add all of them to your CRM so you can remember to keep in touch and stay top of mind.


This category is the more traditional means of building a real estate business and includes door knocking, direct mail, expired listings, for sale by owners, circle prospecting and much more. These methods are great if your marketing budget is tight because most of these activities require little cash, however, they require a lot of sweat equity.


The final bucket is the internet bucket. This includes having a quality website with listings, blogging, social media, and engaging with consumers through digital means. This bucket also includes online lead sources like Zillow, Trulia,, Opcity, and others.

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