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Real Estate class + exam frequently asked questions

We get it. Applying for your Florida real estate license can be stressful. To help you navigate the process of being a Florida real estate agent, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions. We’ve broken them down into four main categories including general Florida Real Estate school questions, applying for your Florida real estate license, the Florida real estate license course requirements, and the Florida real estate exam. 

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General Questions About OneBlue Real Estate School

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding our school, our offerings, what you need to bring to class and much more.

At OneBlue Real Estate School we pride ourselves on being the most student-centric real estate school in Florida. Everything we do is designed to ensure that you have the very best learning experience possible. They include:

  • Small Class Sizes: Our largest class size is only 24-students because it is proven that the ability for an adult to learn in classes over 24 is significantly impacted. Many of our competitors are very proud of their large class sizes, just check out their Facebook pages. If you’re looking to be in a class for 50, 75, 100, or more, then we definitely aren’t the school for you. If you are want a classroom experience that allows you to ask as many questions as you want and allows the instructor to get to know how to best help you, then we are the only choice in Central Florida.
  • Electronic Devices Allowed: Another large difference between us and our competitors is the fact that we allow the use of electronic devices in the classroom. That means bring your laptop or tablet along to take notes if that will help you learn. We want to make sure that you have the best chance of success and considering that we are approaching 2020 we figured we should allow our students to use electronic devices.
  • Gimmick Free Zone: At OneBlue Real Estate School you won’t find lucky t-shirts for sale or urban myths to register for the exam in Spanish the switch to English for an easier test. We won’t tell you to put magnets in your shoes or bring the testing center employees Godiva chocolate. And we won’t offer you extra points on the class exam if you give us a 5-star review. No, we don’t offer gimmicks, we offer a quality learning experience in a modern classroom using the latest technology and ensuring that we have the very best instructors leading the class. Instead of gimmicks, we simply focus on helping you learn the material in a fun, effective way.
  • Your Success is Our Passion: Those words are more than a slogan for our school, those words are at the very core of our DNA. OneBlue Real Estate School was founded to help people realize the dream of becoming a real estate professional and to make that journey educational, interactive, and fun.

Our main offices are located near the intersection of S. Orange Ave and Hoffner Ave, just south of downtown Orlando, in the Edgewood Isle Shopping Center. Our address is 5671 S Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809. Our telephone number is 321-333-5222.

We provide you everything you need for the class including the textbook, our lucky OneBlue highlighter, pen and pencil.

Absolutely! Unlike our competitors we welcome any technology in the classroom that will help you learn. With that said, we do have some guidelines that we ask all students to follow including ensuring that the use of the device is not a distraction to the students around you. Also, we can not guarantee a plug will be near your seat in the classroom so we kindly request that you bring your device(s) full charged.

The use of audio or video recording devices are strictly prohibited. Any student found to be recording any portion of a class will be ejected from the classroom without a refund.

Our largest licensure class is 24-students.

Yes, we do!

  • Our Salute to Our Hero’s discount offers 15% off classroom courses for active duty, retired, and honorably discharges members of the United States Armed Forces as well as teachers, police, fire, paramedics, and nurses. A current Military ID, employee ID card, or current pay stub is required at the time of checkin for this discount. To claim your discount, use the discount code HERO at checkout.
  • Our Buddy Program program offers 10% off two or more pre-license or exam prep bundle registrations for the same classroom course and class date. To claim your study buddy discount, please contact the School at 321-333-5222 during normal business hours.

Please note that unless expressly stated, all discounts are for pre-license and post-license classroom courses only.

Yes, we offer private tutoring for both sales and broker pre-license as well as post-license courses. Tutoring cost $50 per hour with a two-hour minimum. One-on-one tutoring with Kevin Johnson, our founder and CEO is $250 per hour, two-hour minimum.

Yes, we offer a wide-range of online courses including, but not limited to, sales pre-license, sales post-license, broker pre-license, broker post-license, continuing education, reactivation, business development, and much more.

Yes, in addition to our post-license offerings, we offer the Accelerator Real Estate Boot Camp. This 2-day intensive workshop is designed to help new agents develop their marketing plan, business plan, and form their database. To learn more about this program, click here.

Please click here to view our cancellation and refund policy.

Applying for Your Florida Real Estate License

Here we’ve compiled some FAQ regarding the application process, qualifications, how to apply, and much more.

To apply for a Florida real estate license, you must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be 18-years of age or older.
  • Possess a valid social security number.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Be honest and of good moral character.
  • Be competent and qualified.

In order to hold an active real estate license, you must be current on all child support payments. The DBPR will check to ensure that you are current using your social security number.

There are a few costs involved in obtaining your real estate license. In total, it will cost you just over $500 and is broken out as follows:

  • Pre-License Education: ~$400
  • Applying with the State of Florida: ~$85
  • Digital Fingerprints and Background Check: ~$85
  • State Exam at PearsonVue: ~$37 (each time)
All costs listed above are estimates and prices are subject to change without notice.

Your application is good for 2-years from the date you submit your application.

While Florida does not have reciprocity with any other state, it does have mutual recognition agreements with Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, and Nebraska. If you live in one of those states, you will more than likely not need to take the 63-hour class and will only need to sit for an abbreviated state exam. The mutual recognition Florida law exam is a 40-question test and you will need to score a grade of 75% or higher.

Questions About the Real Estate ClassES

Here are some FAQ regarding the state rules regarding classroom attendance and examination.

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that students be present for 90% of the required instructional time. Students missing more that 10% of instructional time will need to make that time up or will be denied entry to the end-of-course exam.

Yes, all pre-license and post-license classes for sales associates and brokers have a requirement that you pass an end-of-course exam. The exam consisted of 100-multiple choice questions and you have 3-hours to complete the exam.

If you don’t pass the end of course exam, you’ll have two options. The first option is to wait 30-days and take an alternate end of course exam. The second choice is to retake the class.

Questions About Taking the Florida Real Estate Exam

Here are some FAQ regarding the state rules regarding classroom attendance and examination.

The state of Florida has contracted with PearsonVue testing centers to administer the state license exam. Once the state has processed and approved your license application, you’ll receive an email letting you know you are exam eligible. In that email there will be a link to schedule your state exam with PearsonVue. They have multiple locations throughout Central Florida including Orlando (near SeaWorld), Lake Mary, Lakeland, and Melbourne. Additional testing centers are located throughout the state of Florida.

That’s a hard question to answer (ha ha ha). In all seriousness it is up to you. If you take the classroom course, pay attention, ask questions, and study, the test is easy. It’s only hard if you don’t know the material. Be sure to check out some of our free study resources here on our website.

You are permitted to take the state exam as many times as you would like until you pass. If you fail the exam, you will be given the fail notice that includes the number of questions from each category that you got wrong. You’ll just need to wait until the next day for PearsonVue to mark you as “failed” in their system so that you can reschedule a new testing appointment. Don’t forget, each time you take the state exam there is a charge from the testing vendor.

You’ll need to bring the following three things with you when you go take your state exam:

  • A current, valid, government issued photo ID card as well as a second form of identification like a passport or credit card.
  • Your pass certificate from the real estate school indicating you passed the pre-license end of course exam.
  • A calculator that is approved by the state of Florida for use during the exam.

Please note that you will not be able to bring any notes, a cell phone, watch, or anything else into the testing center. They will provide you will scratch paper to use during the exam.