At OneBlue Real Estate School we believe in ensuring that regardless of your schedule, location, or personal preference, we have a delivery method to suit your needs. That is why we’ve always offered our classes in the classroom, live-streamed with an instructor, or self-paced on demand. 

Real Estate School Instructor-led Courses


Our classrooms are open with limited capacity, plastic shields at every table, seats 6-feet apart, and mandatory face coverings when not at your table.
Real Estate School Live Streaming Courses


Our live-streaming classes offer the best of both worlds. You get to interact with the instructor and your fellow students as well as ask as many questions as you want!
Real Estate School Self-Paced Courses


A select number of our courses are available via our self-paced, on-demand e-learning system. There’s no instructor so this is for disciplined learners!


Let’s face it, you have several real estate schools to choose from here in Central Florida, Tampa, and online. So why should you chose OneBlue Real Estate School over the others? While we aren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive option you have, we do believe we are the best real estate school and this is why we believe this:


All of our instructors are required to hold an active and current broker's license as well as be currently practicing real estate. This is important since holding a real estate license isn't a requirement to be an instructor in Florida.


The Florida Real Estate Commission prohibits schools from releasing passing rates so we can't share our incredible results. However, we can say that on average our students come back and take 3 additional classes with us. They must like us!


Even before COVID, we had small classes because putting your success first is more important to us than cramming students into a room to maximize revenue. You'll be able to ask any question you could possible think of and actually LEARN the content!


You're not going to find any boring lectures or instructors reading from a textbook at OneBlue and our classes are not a spectator event. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, have fun, get engaged, and learn how to be the best real estate agent ever!


We've developed exclusive study aides to help you pass the state exam including practice quizzes by chapter, crosswords and word search puzzles for vocabulary, math video tutorials, and more! No matter your learning style, we have you covered!


We are so confident in our ability to help you pass the class exam that if fail the end of the course exam, and you attended every class, you can retake the class at no charge. Your success is our passion and we stand behind our commitment to you.


If you’re ready to get started on obtaining your Florida real estate license, however, you are unsure where to begin, no worries. At OneBlue Real Estate School we are experts at helping people get started in real estate and we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will take you from the beginning to being an active licensed real estate agent in Florida with a brokerage!

Female Florida REALTOR walking and giving advice to future Florida real estate school student.
Real estate school student with a mobility disability studying for the Florida real estate exam


Are you studying for the sales associate or broker real estate exam and need help? Check out our exclusive online study resources including math tutorial videos, practice quizzes by chapter, crossword puzzles, downloadable guides, and much more! We even offer an on-demand real estate exam prep course to help you prepare for the state exam! 


Every month the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Bureau of Education and Testing releases the prior month’s exam pass/fail rates by license type. We’ve taken that information and compiled it into to an easy to read, visual dashboard where you can see:

 • Year-to-Date Pass/Fail Rates by License
• Passing Percentages by Month/License
• Number of Exams Administered by License per Month
• Total Number of Exams Administered by Year

Included is the monthly detailed report for each month. 

OneBlue's Florida Real Estate Exam Dashboard on iMac


Everyone at OneBlue Real Estate School is committed to delivering an extraordinary experience for each and every student. While we can’t make everyone happy we take great pride in knowing that overwhelmingly our students love what we do and we thought we’d share what some of them have said with you!
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Noah Weber

Hello, I just finished up my course at OneBlue. I took the two week 63hr pre license course and it was nothing short of amazing. Not only do they provide you with an amazing bundle deal, but you also receive a class text book, highlighters, pens, and excellent teachers. Kevin and John are great teachers and really know how to make the class so much fun. I also felt more prepared for this exam than I’ve ever felt for any exam. They really do care and are experts about what they’re teaching.

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Shelton Smith September 202

You can’t possibly find a better real estate school than OneBlue! Kevin was my instructor and I honestly love that man. He broke down everything perfectly and had the greatest sense of humor. If I could give this school 10 stars I honestly would!!!!!!!!

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Yereili Galan

I am so happy I selected OneBlue as my 63 hour pre-license course. It was the best decision! Kevin and John are very knowledgeable, I was provided with all the material I needed to pass the end of course exam. They know how to make class fun and engaging, very professional and they want to make sure you understand the material. Kevin was amazing, he is patient and he makes you feel very confident. I highly recommend OneBlue if you’re on the fence of where to go for your pre-license course.

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Keith Coleman

I've attended OneBlue for several classes. Kevin Johnston is an excellent instructor and his knowledge and passion for real estate truly shows. Was able to easily pass the state's broker test on my first try thanks many of Kevin’s techniques to remember the material. The classrooms are state of the art and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

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Erin Bush

I attended the 7-day pre-licensing class with Kevin. He made the class fun and enjoyable. I felt thoroughly prepared for the EOC exam by the end of the week!

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Juliann Mesa

Just completed the 2 week pre-licensure and I’m so glad I chose OneBlue! Kevin and John were awesome! So helpful, knowledgeable and made it easy to learn even though it’s a lot of information! I would highly recommend them, I plan to return for my post-license courses.


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